Level Monitor

This self-contained battery powered unit measures the water level in any water tank. With a robust state of the art Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser sensor, the Level Monitor can detect water levels up to 4m. It has been designed to work in standard Jojo of tanks up to 20 000L, but can be installed on any tank up to 4m deep.

Level Sensor


The Level Monitor measures the water level every hour and with our smart algorithms provide the level in % and liters of any type liquid tank. Our user friendly mobile application allows for users to set rules and exceptions on when they would like to receive a notification at a specific water level. Not only does our solution provide accurate water levels but notifies users when the tank has been re-filled.


ToF Laser Sensor

High frequency Time-of-Flight laser sensor measures water level accurately up to 4m.

IP68 Rating

Waterproof and environmentally sealed.

Exceptional Battery Life

Up to 4 years battery life.

Connect with our BridgIoT Web-App

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Geyser Controller Dashboard

Device Dashboard

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Geyser Controller Analytics


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Add Users

Add Users

Add multiple users to your Level Monitor for ease of access for the whole family.