Kamstrup Multical® 21 Water Meter

A cloud-connected water meter that can be easily installed and used for data collection, alarm notifications, billing and reporting purposes.

A Water monitor with probe


The Kamstrup Multical® 21 is a smart water meter device that boasts leak detection, high-resolution water metering, and is cloud configurable, making it very robust and widely applicable. It can be used in cost reduction, data collection, and billing applications.

Monitoring of the data supplied by the device through the web-app can be used to detect problems, change behavior, collect data and inform decision making.


Ultrasonic Technology

  • Long term stability and accurate measuring
  • High quality measurements
  • No mechanical parts

Leak surveillance

  • Warning system with low leakage limits, to quickly discover water waste.
  • Prevents unintended water consumption.
  • Reduces expenses.

Vacuum sealing with IP68 approval

  • The electronics are 100 % protected against penetration of water.
  • The meter can be installed in bathrooms and meter wells.

Up to 16 years battery lifetime

  • No maintenance.
  • No need to change battery.
  • Low operational costs.

Large, mist-free and simple display

  • Easy to read manually.
  • Gives graphically an indication of current flow.
  • A number of info codes are displayed.
  • Easy for the end-customer to check consumption data.

View Your Devices

A list of all your devices in one place

Device Dashboard

Manage your device and view your usage summary

Usage Events

A visual representation of your water usage called “Usage Events”.

Device Settings

Edit your device’s name, setup your threshold for alerts and even setup how and how often you recieve alerts.


Your data displayed in an easy to read format with multiple view options.

Add Users

Add multiple users to your Water Monitor for ease of access for the whole family.



~ 370g


Length: 130 mm

Width: 90 mm

Height: 62 mm




Multical® 21

Temperature Range

5°C to 55 °C

Estimated Battery Life

Expected Life up to 16 Years
(Dependent reporting period and environmental conditions)


• Sigfox (Class 0)
• CE
• IP 68