Geyser Controller

A cloud-connected controller that can be fitted to any geyser for temperature control, leak detection, heating scheduling, water metering and energy management.

A Geyser Controller in it's IP66 enclosure


The Geyser Controller allows remote heating scheduling, temperature control and peak demand management (for multiple geyser installs) through the BridgIoT platform. It is capable of measuring water temperature, ambient temperature, water volume flow, electrical energy supplied to your hot water heater, as well as measuring for a leak in your drip tray.


Temperature control

Monitor and control your hot water from anywhere in the world.

Leak detection & notification

Get notified when your geyser is leaking or has a burst before it floods your home.

Schedule Control

Tell the geyser controller when you need hot water and it’ll take care of the rest.

Optional Water metering

See how much water your house is consuming through the geyser.

Energy measurement

See just how much electricity your geyser is consuming.

Connect with our BridgIoT Web-App

View Your Devices

A list of all your devices in one place

Geyser Controller Dashboard

Device Dashboard

Manage your device and view your usage summary

Custom Schedules

Custom Schedules

Create custom heating schedules or choose one of the heating presets for quick schedule setup.

Geyser Controller Schedules

Heating Schedules

View your heating Schedules

Geyser Controller Analytics


Your data displayed in an easy to read format with multiple view options.

Add Users

Add Users

Add multiple users to your Geyser Controller for ease of access for the whole family.



~ 1kg


Allbro IP66 Enlec (ENL2021509C)
Dimensions: 200 x 150 x 90 mm


BridgIoT (RF) (Pty) Ltd



Temperature Range

0 – 70 °C

Power Supply

100 – 240 VAC (50-60 Hz)
25 A (25 mA + LOAD)
Battery input:
9 – 12 VDC
420 mA

Output Power

4kW max (16A 240VAC)
resistive load